Thursday, June 18, 2009

It’s over now...

It’s over for Team India now. They are out of the World T20. This is the worst possible performance by Team India. They lost their all three matches in Super-8 stage. 

It's shocking to see despite of having some good hitters of cricket ball, Indian team still couldn't win and lost badly. No one looked in good form during the Super-8 stage. Team didn't play like an unit. Think the controversy created by the media on Dhoni-Sehwag issue played a major part in this bad performance of the team. You can't pick and blame a single player or two for the bad performance. It’s a team game, every player is equally responsible for it. Team wins and Team loses, not a particular player. It seems that Dhoni’s “Midas Touch” is over.

It reminds me of 2007's 50-over World Cup where team India was knocked out in the first round in presence of Sachin, Dravid and Ganguly. It's amazing that Team India won the 1st edition of World T20 when nobody was ready to give them even an outside chance. And now, when everybody rated the team as favorite, they lost. It has broken a billion hearts.

Maybe, due to IPL players got bit tired. That's why the energy levels didn't look the same. But you can't hide your bad performance behind these excuses in a big tournament like this. Sri Lankan players also played the IPL but they are performing well. They have entered the semi-finals.

Now, the Team management has to think why they lost, what were the reasons etc. etc. Let's hope it was one of the bad tournaments for Team India and they will not make it a habit.

I am sure that team India will bounce back soon.


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