Thursday, August 13, 2009

Greatest rivalry in cricket: Ashes or India-Pak battle?

When I was thinking about rivalries in cricket, I was confused about the greatest rivalry. Then I realized that only the Ashes and India-Pakistan rivalries can be called as great rivalries. But it's not about the great, it's about the greatest. I took a deep breathe and thought about it again, but I didn't find any answers. I was really irritated at that moment. Then I decided to close my eyes and think about it with a calm mind. And then I heard something, it was the voice of my soul. 

It asked me what do you mean by the greatest??? I was silent. Then it answered me that humanity is the greatest thing on the Earth, nothing on the Earth is greater than humanity, it is about communication between the people, it is about brotherhood between people, it is about spreading love beyond borders, it is about world without boundaries.
Then I asked what is the connection between humanity and cricket??? My soul told me that if cricket can spread the message of peace and love beyond borders, if it can bring the people from two different communities, two nations closer then it is surely helping the cause of humanity.

So, I got my answer about the greatest rivalry in cricket. Ashes is the oldest rivalry in cricket. But it doesn't help the cause of humanity like a India-Pakistan series does. So, its definitely great. It has the passion, the spirit and the everything a great rivalry requires. Yes, at times, It looks like a war because they don't want to lose to their arch-rivals but that's only limited to cricket field. But, if you look at the larger picture, it gives an opportunity to the people from both the countries to come closer. It helps in establishing peace. Ashes can never do this.

If we talk about passion, players show great passion during Ashes series but still it is not as much ad what we see during an India-Pakistan contest. The atmosphere becomes electrifying during India-Pakistan contests. Ashes has given us many great moments but in an India-Pakistan encounter each and every moment is great. No one likes to miss a single ball. The passion is unlimited. The excitement touches the highest level.

I know Ashes has established cricket but the cricket we see today, it is only because of sub-continent, because of India-Pakistan matches. India-Pakistan matches have brought cricket back on track. Ashes is played under great pressure but there is a different kind of pressure in India-Pakistan matches. 

Here people are crazy about cricket. The fan following of cricketers which you see in India and Pakistan, is nowhere in the world today. Even foreign cricketers are more respected in sub-continent than their own countries. Cricket is a religion here. We are mad about cricket. Ashes can never match this madness. And this madness helps ICC in making big money, by which they develop cricketing structures all over the world. So it is also helping in spreading cricket all over the world.

So, India-Pakistan battle is the greatest rivalry in cricket, in terms of all aspects of the game. It has the power to bring people closer, it has unlimited passion, excitement of the game at its best and it also makes money for cricket which Ashes can never match. And all of the above India-Pakistan cricket is connecting people. It is helping the cause of humanity.

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