Thursday, September 30, 2010

Clash of Titans

So we are just few hours away from the much awaited series. Two strong sides, Australia and India will clash against each other in a larger than life kind of series. India-Australia encounters are becoming one of the most interesting ones in cricket these days. In fact, it's matching India-Pakistan contests and Ashes series in terms of popularity. 

Last decade we witnessed some of the greatest contests between these two teams. It started from that 2001 Kolkata Test and thereafter it was a flurry of great Test matches and series between both the teams. Whether it was in India or in Australia, we witnessed some quality cricket.

Though Australian team has some inexperienced players this time but one can’t take them lightly. When someone is playing for national side, it means that he has the ability to perform at International level. Aussies always shock the cricketing world whenever it seems they are finished. They have a tendency of fighting back hard. So, don’t make any mistakes when you rate them. Pace attack is their biggest plus point. 

Team India will have the advantage of playing in home conditions. Batting looks okay but bowling is the area of concern for them. Fitness problems are also annoying them. If they want, they can improve it by sincere efforts. 

Now it's time to perform instead of making excuses. Sehwag and Zaheer will be the key for Team India in this series and don’t forget the Very Very Special Laxman. It's going to be an exciting series. 

More than anything else, this series will help in restoring cricket’s reputation after the spot-fixing incident, which demolished it during the England-Pakistan series.

Hope this series will not see any big controversies and will be played in right spirit. May the best team wins.


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