Sunday, December 23, 2012

BCCI saves the World

All hail the BCCI! In some unlikely circumstances they have successfully managed to save the World. As we all know, the World was going to end on 21.12.2012 as per Mayan prediction but it didn't. Here, I am telling you why.

BCCI, who represent the evil, who are infamous for flexing their muscles on various issues, have done something we lesser mortals could have never imagined. Actually, about a month ago, BCCI had sent their representatives to meet God to ask Him to delay the inevitable, so they can arrange an Indo-Pak series. But, the Almighty refused to do so because He didn't want to set a wrong precedent.
According to one of our reliable sources, India’s greatest all-rounder Mr. Rajiv Dhokla got irritated because he didn't have the habit of listening no from anyone. President, PM, Sonia ji, Rahul ji or even God ji, it just doesn't matter. 

Mr. Dhokla tried everything but didn't manage to convince God, he even offered bribe to Him - an IPL contract worth $10 million but got immediately slapped by the Almighty. This incident forced him to return empty handed.
After this unsuccessful attempt, the BCCI President Mr. Srinivasan wasn't feeling that well as he realized his limitations that day and then he decided to give his best to save the Earth – our only home. He went to visit God, alone. Here is the full conversation between him and God:
SriniIsn't humanity the greatest thing on the Earth?
GodYes. No doubt.
SriniDoesn't it work as a bridge between two people, community or religion?
GodYes. Humanity is the common thing.
SriniDoesn't it spread brotherhood and love beyond borders?
SriniOK. So, if cricket can spread the message of peace and love beyond borders, if it can bring people closer then it is surely helping the cause of humanity. No?
GodRight. So what do you want?
Srini: I believe, If a cricket series between India and Pakistan can connect people then it is doing a great service to humanity. So, dear God, please allow us to organize this much awaited series.
GodI get your point. But then what will happen to the much awaited Doomsday?
SriniPlease, please, please delay it for another 100 years, for humanity.
GodI am impressed. You are a great child of mine and more importantly a great human being. Done.
That's how the BCCI and Mr. Srinivasan played a crucial role in delaying the doomsday. This kind act proves they aren't as evil as the whole world especially English journalists think. Thanks for reading.

(DisclaimerThe characters in this story are fictitious and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.)

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